Community Survey & Focus Groups 2017 - 2018

In Fall 2018 students in the Master of Public Administration program at Bowling Green State University conducted a random sample mail back survey at the request of the Wood County District Library System. The survey was mailed out to a random sample of 2,000 registered voters in the library district, and a similar survey was also posted online. The survey focused on questions of customer satisfaction with library services, programs, and offerings. Overall, the findings suggest that there is very high customer satisfaction for the Wood County District Library System.

During this same time period, WCDPL organized four Focus Group sessions with key library stakeholders, members of the general public, and library staff. Two sessions were held with adults, one session with teens, and one session with staff. These sessions were conducted by Dr. Bryan J. Cavins of Higher Ground Advantage, LLC with the goal of gathering feedback on participants' personal experiences with the library. The methodology used by Dr. Cavins to facilitate these sessions placed emphasis on identifying and expansion of existing strengths and opportunities for the library.

You may read reports and findings from the survey and the focus group sessions by selecting one of the downloadable pdfs below: