Using Curbside Pickup and Home Delivery Services

How to Use Curbside Pickup


  • Bowling Green: Mon. - Fri., 9am - 6pm
  • Walbridge: Mon - Thurs., 10am - 6pm

To use the service, call us OR make requests for yourself using the online catalog: 

  • Call 419-352-5050 to request items for pick-up in Bowling Green.
  • To request items for pick-up at the Walbridge library, patrons call 419-666-9900.
  • You may also place your requests as holds using the library catalog.
    • You'll need a valid library card and your PIN.
    • You will be notified when your holds are ready for pick-up
  • Please note: there is no delivery between Ohio libraries yet, and staff can only pull items that are in the building at the time a request is made.
  • Patrons in Bowling Green will be limited to 10 movies; patrons in Walbridge will be limited to 3 movies.  

On arrival at the library's parking lot:

  • Patrons will call the phone number on the sign in the lot. 
  • Staff will bring items outside and place them on the table outside the door. 
  • When staff have returned inside the building, patrons can exit their vehicles and pick up their items. 

The library is following guidelines for safe handling of library materials, so staff will not be able to take your returns directly from you during pick-up service.

To return items, use the outside book returns at both the Bowling Green and Walbridge buildings.

Returned materials will be held for a quarantine period of at least 4 days. Patrons should expect a delay in seeing items removed from their accounts.

How to Use Home Delivery

  •  Delivery Hours:
    • Bowling Green, Mon. - Fri., 1 - 4 pm
    • Walbridge, Mon. - Thurs., 1 - 4 pm.
  • Delivery Service Area Limits:
    • For the Bowling Green library, BG city limits.
    • for the Walbridge library, Walbridge village limits and Northwood city limits.
  • To request deliveries:
    • Requests for delivery service must be made directly by phone. Holds placed online have no means of being flagged as home delivery requests and no means of alerting library staff that you hold you placed is meant for home delivery.
    • In Bowling Green, call 419-352-5050.
    • In Walbridge, call 419-666-9900.

Please note the following:

Deliveries are no-contact and will be placed on your porch or doorstep. Library staff can not enter your home.

Patrons are responsible for items left at your home. Please ensure there is a clearly indicated and safe place for us to leave materials, since our standard damaged item fees do remain in place. If possible, please try at home when your delivery is made.

Library staff are unable to pick up materials, patrons are responsible for returning materials to the library.

WCDPL is following safe materials-handling guidelines and procedures.Returned materials will be held in quarantine for at least a 4 days. Expect a delay in seeing items removed from your library account.