From the Director

 Summer Reading and the fair are over. Fall and school will soon be arriving. This is a time of transition, and a number of new things are on the horizon for the library.

A New School Year.

As your family settles into the new school year, remember the library is here with the resources students of all ages and levels of study need for success. The key to unlocking those resources is your library card. WCDPL offers three types of cards: a full service card, which, in addition to checking out books, allows holders to place reserves, access the internet and more. Special cards—one for teens and one for kids—allow youth to check out a limited number of books and never accrue late fees. You may learn more about the different kinds of cards by asking at the Check-out Desk on your next visit to the library.

A New Strategic Plan.

This fall WCDPL will begin the process of developing a new Strategic Plan to guide the library over the course of the next three years. The Board of Trustees laid important groundwork in this process by reviewing and revising WCDPL’s vision and mission statements and the library’s core values and core services. These statements work together to tell you what you may expect from us. And, to ensure WCDPL stays on track in fulfilling the community’s—that is your—needs, we will be gathering input from you through a community-wide survey and hosting focus groups later this fall.

A New Look.

This fall will also see WCDPL rolling out a new look. Over the summer Morgan Gale, a talented graphics design student at BGSU, was engaged to help create a more contemporary visual symbol of who and what the library is. We are very excited by her vibrant design for the library’s new logo, and think you will be, too. Watch for the new logo to begin appearing on print materials and online.

New Life for a Valued Tradition.

Sometimes, introducing something new can be a means of maintaining a valued tradition. As you are probably aware, there is now a young, healthy tree nestled into the library’s front lawn. The decision to replace the old tree was not an easy one to make, and the library looked to the city arborist to guide us in making that decision. We are looking forward to the new tree enjoying a long reign as the community’s tree and to continuing the tradition of adorning it with ornaments and lights to usher each holiday season.

There are plenty of new things to discover at the library. Come in and join us in discovering a new-to-you author, a new way to get the most from technology, new knowledge of your 100-year-old house’s history, or a new story to share with a child or a friend. 

See you at the library!

Michael Penrod, August 30, 2017

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