Coronavirus Information

As the Ohio Vaccination Program continues, Information Services staff can help patrons locate one of the vaccination sites in our service area. Though we are not a vaccination site, we are also happy to assist those who have technology concerns or issues with reserving an appointment.  For help, please contact Information Services at (419) 352-5050.

Masks are Required at Both Libraries

Following guidance from the Wood County Health Commissioner; in support of the County Commissioners, the Committee on Aging, BGSU, BG schools, Lake schools, etc.; and to help protect our most precious community members, our children, the WCDPL Board of Trustees has re-instituted the mask requirement that was in place from June 2020 to May 2021.

All patrons, staff, volunteers, and visitors shall wear a properly-fitting mask at all times while inside the BG and Walbridge libraries, and the Bookmobile.  Those that choose to not wear a mask, or those that are unable to wear a mask, are able to access the library through digital or curbside services.

At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits

WCDPL is distributing free, at-home COVID-19 test kits. Kits are in short supply, and we may not have kits available due to high demand. To pick up a test kit, patrons can call (419) 352-5050 to request for pickup in Bowling Green, or call (419) 666-9900 to request for pickup in Walbridge. Kits are distributed through Curbside Service and at the Circulation Desk.

Although originally marked for expiry in September of 2021, kits now have a longer expiry date. Learn more here.

Vaccination Sites & Information:

Wood County Health Department

Wood County Hospital

Ohio Department of Health Vaccine Provider Location Search

Ohio Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccination Information

See the most recent State and Local Coronavirus updates at:

3/29/21 - Vaccinations are now available for all Ohioans age 16+.

3/19/21 - Gov. DeWine outlined Phase 2C, which includes all Ohioans age 40+, and 1E, which includes Ohioans with health concerns.

3/8/21 - Gov. DeWine outlined Phase 1D and Phase 2B of Ohio's Vaccination Program. See details here.

Phase 1D and 2B

Phase 1D and 2B

3/1/21 - Gov. DeWine outlined the timeline for Phase 1C of Ohio's Vaccination Program. See details here.

Ohio Vaccination Program Phase 1C

2/20/21 - Get more information on the Ohio Vaccination Program with Town Halls

Whether you hear myths on social media, at work, or from friends or family, there is a lot of dangerous misinformation out there about COVID-19 vaccines. The truth is that COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and rigorously tested. Ohio’s COVID-19 Vaccine Town Halls are designed to help you sift through the myths and learn where you can find reliable, trustworthy information about COVID-19 vaccines. 

You’ve got a questions, and the upcoming Town Halls will give you answers. Hear from medical experts, community leaders, and public health professionals. Learn more about Town Halls here.

1/19/21 - Gov. DeWine outlined the timeline for Phase 1B of Ohio's Vaccination Program. See details here.

Phase 1B of the Ohio Vaccination Program

1/12/21 - Gov. DeWine updated on Phase 1A and reemphasized the vaccine distribution timeline for Phase 1B of Ohio's vaccination program with those ages 80 and older. See details here.