How Do I Use WCDPL's Printer/Copiers?

     Patrons using WCDPL's internet and word processing computers, please read these instructions before printing.  Please note these instructions are for patrons at the library, using WCDPL computers.

    Printer/copiers located on the 1st and 2nd Floors provide these services for library users:

  • Black and white or coloring printing/copying.
  • Self-service scanning.
  • Low cost printing and copying:
    • Black & white, 10¢.
    • Color, 25¢.

Printing From an Internet or Word Processing Computer

1. Select Print Options. If you skip this step, your print job will use default settings.

  • Go to pull down menu File, select Print or click on the printer icon.
  • Select Printer Properties or Preferences to designate:
    • Paper size.
    • Color or black and white printing.
    • Single or double side printing.
    • Click OK to “save” your choices.
    • You're returned to the Print box, click OK.

2. Enter a Release Key of Your Choice

  • The Print Assistant box opens—type in a “release key,” or password, you select. For example: “jsmith.”
  • Click OK.
  • Print Assistant calculates cost to print.
  • Click Accept to continue or Decline to cancel the print job.

3. Complete Your Print Job

  • Go to the Release Station (the computer next to the new printer copier).
  • Enter your release key.
  • Select job(s) to be printed and select print.
  • Review print costs.
  • Click Accept to print, or Decline to cancel your print job.
  • Add money to the vending unit.
  • Collect your print out.

For help using the new printer/copiers, stop by the 2nd Floor Information Desk or
the Children's Place Desk on the 1st Floor.

A pdf of these instructions may be downloaded here: