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We have plenty of booklists for every reading taste, including horror, up-lit, nonfiction, read-alikes, classics, cozy mysteries, sci-fi & fantasy, romance, and more. Browse our reading suggestions for adults and get access to other reading resources to find more favorites.

For Kids

Families will have no trouble finding reads with suggestions from our librarians. Check out what our librarians recommend on our kids reading suggestions page, like books on counting, superheroes, choose your own adventures, dinosaurs, fairy tales, and more.

Adult Book Clubs

Join one of our adult book clubs to discover new reads and meet new people! We have a variety of book clubs that meet monthly and discuss something new every month. Find your perfect book club fit here

Five Books Just for You

Get personalized reading suggestions based on your favorite books and authors with our Five Books Just for You form. Simply fill out the form and our librarians will select five new reads based on your favorites!

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