From the Director

From the Director, Fall 2021

Even though difficulties of the pandemic linger, this summer has been one for making memories at the library. Seeing faces, both old and new, fill the library again as we expanded hours for the summer and began in-person programs brightened my spirits more than I can say.

As summer approached, we at WCDPL had asked ourselves: how do we provide programs and opportunities to our patrons in a safe and accessible way? How do we walk the road toward normal while also maintaining the same diligence that we’ve had throughout the pandemic?

We answered these questions with outdoor programming and continued caution for in-person library use. We held Family Outdoor Storytimes, Teddy Bear Picnics, and other children’s programming at Wooster Green, the Carter House, and Walbridge Veterans Memorial Park. We continued our ever-popular Ukulele Club in-person on the front steps of the Carter House. We adapted our mandates and shifted course as we learned more information from the State of Ohio and the CDC.

Through it all, we saw overwhelmingly positive responses toward our programs and an abundance of library love from you. At every storytime, through every social media post shared, from every patron who joined us for an outdoor, online, or hybrid activity, we heard how influential the library was and continues to be in your life.

When our annual Novel Night campaign began in early July, we hoped that support would continue. You did not disappoint: you have given an amount that will allow the 2022 book budget to meet increasing demand. All of the funds raised will go directly back to the community through the purchase of books for every age.

I want to thank you for the steadfast support (and library love) we’ve received over the last few months. As we’re approaching the end of the year, there’s much to be thankful for. If you’d like to show your appreciation or support for the library, I encourage you to make a donation to the WCDPL Foundation. As we strive to shift and change with whatever comes our way, we hope to continue to make you proud to call us your library.

See you at the library,

Michael Penrod
WCDPL Director

September 2021

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