Tales from the Library

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Tales from the Library

We're excited to bring you Tales from the Library! Every few months, we'll have a featured story, video, or activity for you to read, watch, or interact with. Meant to give patrons more information about their library, tell the library's story, and promote the many ways the library impacts our community, Tales from the Library is created every few months to showcase the many services, programs, resources, and stories at WCDPL. You can see our Tales from the Library by subscribing to our newsletter or following WCDPL on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

May 2021: The Carter Houe

Our first tale is about a familiar red-bricked building behind our Bowling Green location: the Carter House. Watch our video below to hear from Marnie Pratt, Local History Librarian, and Kelsey Nevius, Marketing & Communications Specialist, about the Carter House's beginnings, its history and standing in Wood County History, and how it holds a piece of WCDPL's small beginnings.

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