Book Discussions for Adults

Join a book discussion at WCDPL.

WCDPL Book Clubs offer something for every reading taste. Instructions for obtaining copies of selections may be found on the library's online calendar and through announcements in the library's weekly informational email, Weekly Updates from WCDPL.


Page to Table
Mondays | 6:30 pm | The Carter House
Foodies rejoice: join Page to Table to checkout a cookbook, prepare a dish to share, and come to discuss what worked, what didn't, and more! Plates, utensils, and cups are provided.

  • July 24 - This Will Make It Taste Good by Vivian Howard
  • August 21 - Preppy Kitchen by John Kanell
  • September 25 - Fix It With Food by Michael Symon
  • October 23 - Good Eats: The Final Years by Alton Brown

The Bone Chilling Book Discussion
Tuesdays | 7:00 pm | Meeting Room A&B at the Bowling Green Library

Join our Bone Chilling Book Club to discuss a horror, mystery, thriller, or suspense novel every month.

  • June 13 - Confessions on the 7:45 by Lisa Unger
  • August 15 - The Quarry Girls by Jess Lourey

Just the Facts Book Discussion
Tuesdays | 11:00 am | Meeting Room C at the Bowling Green Library

Our Just the Facts Book Club discusses great new nonfiction titles every month!

  • June 27 - My Remarkable Journey: A Memoir by Katherine Johnson
  • July 25 - Papyrus: The Invention of Books in the Ancient World by Irene Vallejo Moreu
  • August 22 - Eating to Extinction: The World's Rarest Foods and Why We Need to Save Them by Dan Saladino
  • September 26 - Koala: A Natural History and an Uncertain Future by Danielle Clode
  • October 24 - The World Beneath Their Feet: Mountaineering, Madness, and the Deadly Race to Summit the Himalayas by Scott Ellsworth
  • November 28 - Comet Madness: How the 1910 Return of Halley's Comet (Almost) Destroyed Civilization by Richard Goodrich

Coffee Talk Book Discussion
Thursdays | 10:00 am | Meeting Room C at the Bowling Green Library

Coffee Talk meets to discuss popular novels, bestsellers, and new reads

  • June 22 - The Edge of Summer by Viola Shipman
  • August 24 - Fiona and Jane by Jean Chen Ho
  • September 28 - The Book Haters' Book Club by Gretchen Anthony
  • October 26 - The Forest of Vanishing Stars by Kristin Harmel
  • November 30 - The Change by Kirsten Miller

It's a Mystery Book Discussion
Mondays | 6:00 pm | Meeting Room at the Walbridge Library
If you enjoy a good mystery, we have the book club for you! Join Our It’s a Mystery Book Club to discuss a new mystery title every month.

  • June 26 - The Midnight Show Murders by Al Roker
  • July 24 - The Maid by Nita Prose

Area book clubs: need books for your group? Contact the Information Desk.