Notice of Meeting:

May Meeting: The Board of Trustees of the Wood County District Public Library will meet at 5:00pm on Thursday, May 28, 2020 in the BG Library.  The public may attend to observe the meeting, but there will be no public participation. Social distancing will be observed by all; masks will be required for everyone.

Note:  In this uncertain time of rapidly changes to responses to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 health crisis and the need to comply with Stay at Home directives, Trustees meetings may be subject to changes and may move to virtual meeting platforms. Please watch these pages for information on changes as they occur.

The Board of Trustees generally meets in the BG Library Board Room; however, the Board also meets twice per year at the Walbridge Library.

2020 meeting dates:

February 17 Monday, 4 pm, BG
March 14 Saturday, March 10:30 am BG
April 21  April 30 Monday,  9:15 am  Thursday, 5 pm BG
May 18  May 28 Monday,  4 pm Thursday,  5 pm BG
June 15 June 25 Monday,  4 pm Thursday, 5 pm BG
July  20 Monday,  4 pm BG
August 17 Monday,  4 pm Walbridge
September 21 Monday,  4 pm BG
October 19 Monday,  4 pm Walbridge
November 16 Monday,  4 pm BG
December 7 Monday,  4 pm BG








     **The Board will meet only if needed on these dates.

Any changes will be communicated to the Sentinel-Tribune.       

Board of Trustees meeting agendas are announced several days prior to each meeting.